Native American Weapons

Hunting was very common among the people in earlier days. They used to make sharp and functional weapons and tools to hunt and eat the animals for their survival. The design of every tool was especially made for some specific animal hunting. If you are interested in collecting native weapons for your collection,you can easily buy Native American weapons online at reasonable prices. These tools are made precisely giving out every detail and high quality carving. The fine detailing done on the piece of high end wood is worth appreciating.

Some of the most popular American weapons used by natives are:

  • Seal scratcher – this tool has long claws and sharp pointy ends. The claws have three fingers and a wooden handle to hold the weapon while hunting. This weapon is made for seal hunting. This tool can easily scratch the ice near the seal and the close strike is done to take down the seal. The claws are made of horn material making it durable.


  • Saw – this is the very popular native weapon used by them. It is made of high quality wood and the saw blades are made of ivory. Both are joined with copper pins. This weapon can easily penetrate through bones.


  • Bear dagger – this weapon is detailed beautifully and looks amazing. This is made in the design of bear from the manmade ivory. The eyes, ears, teeth and nose of the bear are made from abolonse shell. The knife style weapon is sharp and can be used to hunt any animal in close encounter.


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