Get Your Bathroom Remodelled

There are various types of vanities available for your bathroom. Whenever you consider remodelling your bathroom, you can easily get better vanity according to the space of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small, you can have perfect vanity for your bathroom. The bathroom vanity without top is becoming very popular in latest designs of bathrooms. These vanities can be expensive if you want luxury in it. You can get better design and durability in it as well. There are some good designs also available in modern vanities. You can easily compare their prices, designs and other things and get the best one for you with the help of experts such as Luxury Baths Kitchens.

Types of vanity

Wall mounted vanities: This vanity is also known as “floating vanity”. This works better with smaller bathrooms. You can easily clean it and have plenty of room for shelving. This vanity can be seen in many bathrooms of modern houses.

Free standing cabinet vanities: This vanity is first choice of the people having larger bathrooms. These can be constructed like furniture. You can also get the wooden look for it. You get more storage space with these vanities. It has affordable price and can be installed quickly.

Vessel sink vanity: This vanity looks very nice in bathrooms. This vanity doesn’t have any under mounted sink. The vanity holds the sink on the top of it. This also gives additional space in it. It comes with either rectangular sink or bowl sink.

If your bathroom has irregular shape, you can also get vanity custom made. This vanity allows you to choose among various designs. You can get even three sinks installed if there is space available.

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