Developing the Right Mobile Recruiting App

mobile app

In 2015, 65% of job applicants were looking for vacancies on their mobile devices, and the trend is highly likely to grow even further, as there is a constant need for improved software and enhanced functionality.

Give users what they need

A mobile recruitment app is similar to people finding software and dating apps, just that for completely different purposes, namely finding a job if you are unemployed, and finding the right candidate if you are an employer. Exactly because this is an emerging market, savvy entrepreneurs can develop useful apps that will put them ahead of the game. However, in order to do that, they need to be aware of a few things, among which the following:

While it pays to have the right skills for application programming, it is equally important to understand the hiring process both from the perspective of the job seeker and from that of the employer, as this will greatly simplify the recruiting process for both parties. For example, an app that matches recruiters with job seekers in the same geographic area can come in handy.

Next, the interface must be intuitive and easy to use even by the most technologically challenged person out there. And finally, whether you are a graduate looking to work in a niche market, or an employer trying to hire the best in that niche, it’s equally important to learn who is hiring, and who is looking to be hired, respectively. Both would find useful a mobile app for the niche market, so developers are starting to focus on that as well.

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