What Are The Common Features That You Should Not Ignore In A Projector?


Projectors are one of the most important equipments for office and if you are looking for amplifying your reputation in front of the high profile client then you should not compromise on the quality of the projector. Most of the companies in Cardiff have their own equipments but if you are a new startup, you can consider hiring a projector for your presentation. There are various features that should be looked upon in order to get the best projector.

Do not ignore these

Projector hire in Cardiff is easy as there are several companies that offer equipments on rent. Few things that you should be aware of while selecting a projector are detailed here. The brightness of a projector is always measured in lumens. While renting a projector make sure that the lumens rating is mentioned on the package. Lumens measure the brightness of the projector and with the higher lumens, projector will be brighter. Do not consider a projector that measures lumen below than 2000. If you want a projector for the low light then projector with 4000 lumen can be a good option. Next important thing to understand is the throw distance and project lens.

If the size of the room is limited then you should go for the projector that has long throw distance as the projector with short throw distance will not be perfect as it will not produce vivid and good image. Another feature that you should consider is the manual focus and zoom which is a very common feature in the projectors. You can buy the projector that should have both types of focus and can be adjusted accordingly. Another common feature of the projector is resolution and nowadays the projectors are based on XVGA resolution which is 1080×720.

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